Fashion Shows

All exhibitors have the opportunity to present their latest collections on professional models. Fashion shows are held both during the Polish Fashion Gala and the next day, in the form of trade shows. There are also organised shows of art students presenting a slightly different, almost futuristic look at the fashion industry. During the last edition, the students were the representatives of the Kazimierz Pulaski University of Technology and Humanities in Radom and the University of the Arts in Poznań.

On August 27th, during the first day of the Poznań Fashion Fair, the Professional Congress will take place. This event, which during the previous edition received wide coverage in the media and among people associated with the fashion industry.Among the lectures, there will be issues related to e-commerce, modern technologies, sustainable environment and 3D printing.This year's edition of the Congress of Professionals will bring together speakers representing cultural institutions. and arts, law firms and companies related to the fashion industry. Ecology and sustainable fashion topics will be new, with experts and specialists from many fields that are associated with the fashion industry every day.


  1. EU funding in the fashion industry - on behalf of the law firm Wierciński Kwieciński, Baehr, a lecture will be given by Aleksandra Libiszowska. The presentation will be devoted to EU funds, from which you can finance solutions supporting sustainable development in the fashion industry. Participants will learn where and how to look for non-returnable forms of financial assistance supporting innovative projects and brand promotion in foreign markets.
  2. Content Marketing in social media in brand building - Katarzyna Pietrewicz-Żero and Bartosz Gorzejewski from Vogue Polska. They speak briefly about their speech: One of the daily challenges facing the opinion-forming medium is the creation and distribution of content that helps brands achieve their business goals. We will share our experience with you, show examples of content and the use of social media that can be helpful in building your company's content marketing strategy.
  3. Designer training and business reality. So how does the fashion industry support students of art colleges - Anna Karpińska from the Solar Company brand will talk about how the company's fashion story is constantly being rewritten thanks to clients for 30 years and how cooperation with students is carried out, which allows to them to achieve their dream goals and get out of the shadows.
  4. Responsible fashion in the modern world - representing the Slogan brand, Monika Krawczykowska. In his speech he will present Slogan as one of the pioneer Polish brands in the world of ecological and vegan fashion. It turns out that it is not at all difficult to create ethical clothes respecting our planet and free from suffering animals.
  5. A technology that allows you to virtually try on clothes - Tomasz Runowicz on behalf of the WEARFITS brand, will tell you how "virtual fitting rooms" work, which for some time more and more often appear on the market. It will also focus on how technology intends to solve the challenges arising from the evolution of sales techniques.
  6. Image of a contemporary Polish fashion designer based on the research of the Central Museum of Textiles in Łódź - failures, recipe for success, cooperation with partners and expectations - Central Museum of Textiles in boat. Magda Komarzeniec will tell you how well fashion develops as a creative industry and how designer clothes find more and more enthusiasts in Polish society.
  7. E-commerce fashion: how marketplace supports your business - Marta Kaleta and Martyna Głowińska from the Brand and product design department will tell a little more about online shopping, which in the era of the ubiquitous internet become everyday life in every person.
  8. Zuza Wójcik will talk about the improvement of the situation of the textile and fashion industry in the context of the climate crisis and environmental pollution - overproduction, environmental pollution, ecological materials, barbarian plants and the use of 3D printing.
  9. An example of a fashion brand promoting sustainable development - on behalf of the NAGO brand, Jan Stasz and Julia Turewicz will talk about the idea and assumptions of ecological business. They will pay attention primarily to how to compose your universal base of timeless clothes and why the conscious choice of materials is so important for our environment.


On 5.03.2019, the Earth Hall held the Professionals' Congress - Internet in fashion, fashion on the Internet - as part of the first day of the Poznan Fashion Fair. The event began at 9:30 with an energetic welcome by the host - Paulina Smaszcz-Kurzajewska - journalist, presenter and PR specialist.

The exceptional debate on the future of the fashion industry conditioned by new technologies gathered a full audience of listeners. The speakers included the representatives of art schools, art and cultural institutions, lawyers, fashion journalists, representatives of popular Polish virtual shopping centres, experts on the implementation of comprehensive e-mail and SMS campaigns as well as representatives of showrooms and stylists. The discussion covered, among others, topics such as:

  • Education of designers versus business reality. The manner in which Polish universities prepare students to function in the fashion industry
    (University of the Arts in Poznań); discussing the future of the fashion industry and the future aspirations of fashion business sharks.
  • The role of institutions in promoting fashion and clothing industry. Place as a form of promotion (Central Museum of Textiles in Łódź);
    discussing how history, experience and the right people are able to help the sector to bloom and develop.
  • The role of online media and social networking in creating demand for fashion brands and promoting the dominant trends (Wirtualna Polska);
    the presentation included several key statistics, such as the sources of fashion inspiration or the level of familiarity with specific online stores.
  • M-commers, i.e. innovative solutions in online sales (; presentation of interesting applications of mobile and desktop versions of online stores to increase sales.
  • How to build customer awareness around the brand through mailing, SMS and push notifications? Successful campaigns in the fashion industry (Redlink); discussion on how quickly and effectively improve visibility and sales activity on the Internet with specific tricks.
  • The organisation of trade fairs as an effective marketing tool and their importance for the development of brand clothing (MTP Group);
    discussion on thriving trade fairs and the benefits resulting from participation in such events.
  • Showroom as an intermediary between the clothing company, boutique, Internet, and "John Doe" (Vertigo Fashion Management);
    the importance of cooperation with other entities and persons, promotion and PR activities in the fashion industry.
  • Fashion on the Internet and the law - opportunities and threats (WKB Wierciński, Kwieciński Baehr Sp. k.); legal aspects of the fashion world, intellectual property, warranty and guarantee on the products purchased on the Internet, promotions, and product returns.

After the Congress, many participants expressed their satisfaction with the event. The energy emanating from the stage had its effect on the audience who later discussed the issues relating to the fashion industry and its development today. The conference was held as part of the 2-day Poznan Fashion Fair, which took place at the same time.