Why is it worth participating in the Fair?

The Poznan Fashion Fair is a perfect place to get to know customers' expectations, obtain immediate reviews concerning company's goods, find local representatives and distributors of products as well as present products using all five senses.

Who will visit your stand?

  • Shop representatives
  • Designers
  • Representatives of industry and opinion-forming media
  • Trade organisations
  • Wholesalers
  • Fashion photographers, illustrators
  • Media
  • Bloggers
  • Fashion-related schools students

Benefits for exhibitors:

  • Demonstrating the company's presence on the market
  • Resenting the latest collections and new products
  • Maintaining contacts with existing clients
  • Sharing and collecting information
  • Acquiring new customers
  • Expanding knowledge and improving the company's image
  • Growing product knowledge
  • Recognising the customers' wishes
  • Concluding sales contracts
  • Influencing customer decisions
  • Increasing awareness of the product
  • Sharing and collecting information about the market
  • Recognising the customers' wishes
  • Interactivity - trade shows are an opportunity to hold a dialogue and exchange opinions
  • New customers - trade shows offer the opportunity to establish first contacts with potential customers
  • Existing customers - trade shows help freshen up contacts and continue dialogue during face-to-face meetings with customers
  • Growing media attention

Trade Fair + Internet:

According to 91% of 250 presidents of American corporations surveyed, the Internet cannot replace a trade fair because:

  • personal contact is indispensable (55%)
  • a product should be seen and discussed (35%)
  • answers to the questions asked at the fair are more comprehensive (10%), AND
  • the Internet can be used as a source of information on the fair: presentation of the company in the online exhibitors' catalogue
  • a year-round promotion of market novelties on the MTP websites (Source: International Association for Exhibition Management)


If you want to present your latest collection to a wide audience of the Poznan Fashion Fair, become our exhibitor! Participation in the Fair is an excellent opportunity to make new business contacts, both Polish and foreign. Fill out the form and become part of the largest fashion event in Poland.



The new platform www.strefawystawcy.pl was created in order to enable the Fair customers to offer the most important online services related to the promotion of products at the Fair. The tool gives you full control over your participation in the Fair!

The exhibitors register their participation in the Fair and purchase the exhibition space in the EXHIBITORS' ZONE online shop. Using the platform, the exhibitor may also make an entry in the catalogue and order additional services (e.g. cable suspension services, electrical services and water supply and sewage services, support staff, etc.).

The shop offers the customers of Poznan Fashion Fair:

  • Registration forms (exhibitor, co-exhibitor, represented companies)
  • Unconstructed area
  • Furnished area
  • Furnished area – additional equipment
  • Reports on contractors
  • Electrical services
  • Water supply and sewage services
  • Compressed air supply services
  • Cable suspension services
  • Furniture
  • Household appliances
  • Glass accessories
  • Other accessories and equipment
  • Advertising in the Exhibitor's Zone
  • Hiring support staff
  • Ordering paid documents (including exhibitor's cards, car entry card, invitations to the fair)

The EXHIBITOR'S ZONE also allows you to access valuable business reports describing the condition of enterprises in the Polish economy. The database includes approx. 95 million companies from Poland and Europe.


Stay with us!
If you have any questions, please contact:

Karolina Fabiś-Szulc
Key Account Manager
tel. +48 691 022 101
e-mail: karolina.Fabis-Szulc@grupamtp.pl



download form

Regulations, terms, provisions

We invite you to read the additional information to help you participate in Poznań Fashion Show trade fair.


The document setting out all the rules for the participants of the fair organized by the Poznań International Fair.


Terms of participation

This document define the conditions for exhibitors and co-exhibitors as well as contains information about the registration fee, fees for the use of the power grid, and waste disposal.

Pobierz PDF

Specific provisions

This document contain information about dates, as well as access documents and other details regarding the participation in the fair.


Technical and fire safety regulations


IDEA Expo - reliable partner for stand construction

In the area of stand construction, we invite you to take advantage of the comprehensive offer of the IDEA Expo team an integral part, part of Grupa MTP.

We are a company with over 30 years of experience and a record of thousands of stands. In our portfolio you will find both impressive stands for leaders as well as a wide range of stands for small and medium-sized companies. We provide our customers with comfort throughout the whole process of participation in the fair, from the individually prepared stand concept through the implementation and service during the fair.

Get acquainted with our offer and portfolio


The offer includes all forms of advertising promotion allowing you to effectively reach your target group. It includes effective tools to enhance your participation in the Fair as an exhibitor. Proper and accurate use of these tools will translate into an increased interest of professional visitors in your offer.

Commercial fashion shows

Your new collection will be even more delightful if you present it on the catwalk during the fashion show. The Poznan Fashion Fair holds trade shows twice a day attracting media and traders' attention.

Flags and advertising structures

As an exhibitor, you have the possibility of setting own advertising structures on the fair area (open space or neutral zones). Depending on the size of the structure and method of assembly, we will always choose the best location for you. There is also the possibility of putting advertising flags up on your masts or the fair masts.

Fair catalogue

Poznan International Fair invites all exhibitors to take advantage of an innovative platform EXHIBITOR'S ZONE - BUSINESS LEVER. Your personal login and access code to the platform will be sent to the address given in the form A1. The platform will help you prepare the Fair exhibition.

Exhibitor's Zone Platform

  1. Posting entries, offers and company logo for the exhibition catalogue,
  2. Editing entries and posting them in Infocredit reports,
  3. Placing product entries on the Internet,
  4. Registering products for the MTP Gold Medal Competition,
  5. Overseeing orders and invoices related to your company's participation in the Fair,
  6. Ordering Infocredit reports on any company from Poland or abroad.

Please note that the failure to make an entry in the Exhibitor's Zone means that the information about your company will not be presented in the exhibition catalogue!

Click on the banner to learn more:

Outdoor / indoor

A large-format advertising offer at the Fair is by far the most attractive and the most visible form of promotion. We offer advertising areas outside the pavilions, on the main walls, and in neutral areas in pavilions and entrance halls. The largest of these have a maximum area of 360m2.

If you are interested in the offer and the price list, please contact:

Małgorzata Barczak
tel. +48 61 869 2524 fax +48 61 869 2960


Advertising on LED screens

We propose to intensify the advertising campaign, even before the Fair, with spots displayed on large LED screens, located at very busy intersections and streets in Poznan, and at the Fair in the main entrance halls during the event. We can also prepare a promotional film for you. We offer a set of displays in promotional prices!

Advertising constructions offer a mobile solution. In the MTP venue, we can put racks, roll-ups, banners, balloons, flags, cars and any other mobile advertising.


Mobile advertising - hostesses

During the Fair, all exhibitors can take advantage of the opportunity to distribute their promotional materials, leaflets and advertising gadgets to visitors. With mobile advertising, you can reach visitors with information before they find their way to your stand. The spectrum of possibilities is enormous. We offer distinctively dressed hostesses, stilt walkers, roller riders or roller skaters, and even mime artists. The choice is yours and depends on your ingenuity.

You can also use our hostess database. If you are interested, please contact:

Jan Krzymiński
tel.: +48 61 869 24 37


E-mailing campaigns are carried out using databases of professionals who have agreed to receive commercial information by e-mail from MTP. Databases that we offer when implementing e-mailing campaigns can be selected in various ways:

  • By industry (e.g. architects, furniture industry, construction, agriculture, etc.)
  • By location (country, state, county, etc.).
  • By positions and departments in the company (directors, owners, marketing, sales, etc.)
  • By employment size (up to 10 employees, 11-50, 51-100 and over 100 employees)

Graphic design for e-mailing rests with the Customer.

We carefully analyse every order and each time, we prepare a detailed offer with a proposal to the relevant campaigns.


Bogumiła Niemiec
tel.: +48 61 869 2497


A telephone call to a selected group of customers (most of the time, a visitor to one of the Fair events) inviting the customer to take advantage of your offer. The conversation may be informative (e.g. an invitation to a conference or symposium) or sales-oriented. The purpose of sales telemarketing is usually to arrange a trade meeting for the customer (Note! We only accept selected orders).
The scenario of the telemarketing call rests with the Customer.
We carefully analyse every order and each time, we prepare a detailed offer with a proposal to the relevant campaigns.


Bogumiła Niemiec
tel.: +48 61 869 2497

Direct shipping

Shipping of the Customer's printed materials to the selected database (we make the shipments to our database and the customer's database)

The service includes:

  • Accepting printed materials from the Customer (or designing and printing the materials by an MTP printing house, which significantly shortens the time)
  • Personalised address labels
  • Packaging the correspondence (fully automated or manual for non-standard formats)
  • Delivery of the letters to the postal operator.

We carefully analyse every order and each time, we prepare a detailed offer with a proposal to the relevant campaigns.


Bogumiła Niemiec
tel.: +48 61 869 2497


Exhibitors' Reception Desk invites you to their office located at ul. Śniadeckich, on the left at the entrance gate to the Poznan International Fair, in Hall 7A, entrance directly from the street.



Magazine "FASON Sprzedaż_Marketing_Inspiracje" is addressed to owners and employees of stores with clothes, shoes and accessories.

It presents the possibilities, tells how to create a counterweight to chain stores and face the challenges of merchants and owners of small and medium-sized stores. The guiding idea is that a fashion shop is not only to sell goods, but above all to DRESS the customer and build a positive and lasting relationship.

The magazine focuses on improving sales efficiency, opening minds to out-of-the-box marketing activities. It advises and inspires not only about the colours and styles desirable in the season, but also how to develop a multi-brand store, boutique, how to act in accordance with the law and prepare a tailor-made marketing plan.