Fashion Cinema # 1

The devil wears Prada

Are there fans not only of trends but also of cinema? There are a lot of fashion-themed films, as well as the way it is shown on film and with the director’s eye. Some of them are stories of the emergence of real fashion empires, while others show unusual costumes and stylizations that delight all observers who change on the screen.


Mainstream fashion hit Hollywood, in which we can admire the wonderful Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway. The film is a film adaptation of the book of the same title, and believing history … shows the memories of the author who once worked as an assistant to the famous American chief of Vogue – Anna Wintour. Can we really see the behind the scenes of work in the most prestigious fashion magazine in the world? Andrea is a young girl who, after arriving in New York, wins the lottery – she gets a job for which all fashionistas fight for years. She becomes an assistant editor-in-chief of Miranda Pristly and within a few months (extremely intense) undergoes a complete metamorphosis. How long did she keep under command, as the “real devil” says? Be sure to watch her fate on the screen!