Fashion cinema #2

Cult series adored by women around the world!


It appeared on screens 20 years ago. As a series, he won the heart of not only women, but also men. As a film, he caused even greater sensation to everyone interested in the fate of Carrie Bradshaw, an American journalist Vogue and her friends, for whom fashion is after the love adventures, the most important area of life. The series “Sex and the City” entertains and teaches, shows a wonderful life at Big Apple, but also shows what true friendship is.

Each of the heroines represents a completely different style. However, they love playing with fashion and creating unforgettable stylizations. It was Carrie Bradshow that made Manolo Blahnik heels become such an iconic piece of clothing all over the world, necessarily in cobalt color!

The first and second part of the movie can be viewed on Netflix.