Professionals Congress

On February 19th from 10:00 a.m. to 13:00 p.m., during the first day of the Poznań Fashion Fair, the Professional Congress took place. This event, which during the previous edition received wide coverage in the media and among people associated with the fashion industry.Among the lectures, there were issues related to e-commerce, modern technologies, sustainable environment and virtual fitting room. This year's edition of the Congress of Professionals brought together speakers representing cultural institutions. and arts, law firms and companies related to the fashion industry. Ecology and sustainable fashion topics were new, with experts and specialists from many fields that are associated with the fashion industry every day.


1. "Me, a collector, or how I became a fashion expert" - Adam Leja, a fashion collector and expert in decorative arts from the art deco period. Leja is one of the largest fashion collectors in Europe - its collections count over five thousand exhibits from the mid-nineteenth century until today.
2. Ania Kuczyńska - "An anti-consumer fashion designer. Is it possible?"
3. "Plant materials as a future in the fashion industry" - Wioletta Wiertel and Sebastian Szypuła from Bohema Clothing, an ecological and even vegan brand that produces not only pineapple leather shoes. Quite recently they became a precursor and created the world's first cactus leather shoes.
4. "Building your own brand on Allegro" - Celestyna Lendo-Zachariasz presented tools to support business development on Allegro and the opportunity to benefit from benefits offered to partners.
5. "Creative recycling. Between chaos and conscious design"- on behalf of the UTH appeared  prof. zw. Irmina Aksamitowska-Szadkowska and dr hab. Hanna Wojdała-Markowska. Ladies, among others, told you about reflections on data related to fashion and crossing the borders of consumer security. There will also be a thread on the ethics of the designer profession.
6. "Legal aspects of product placement by fashion influencers" - Kancelaria Wierciński Kwieciński, Baehr. Thousands of followers, hundreds of likes - are influencers limited in such a way with such a scale of recognition and huge reach? Is there only one valid way to tag posts that constitute advertising content? What should the contracting parties pay attention to when planning the strategy for placing sponsored content? During the speech we will discuss a number of practical issues related to product placement by influencers.
7. "Word in fashion" - fashion is based on words. Words create trends, build brands and their originality. It starts with them - building a brand strategy and creating communication to users. Why is their selection so important and how to interpret them? You can hear about this during one of the lectures of marketing and PR specialists from - Martyna Głowińska and Marta Kaleta.
8. "Trends, innovation and ecological fashion of Kazakhstan: our view on the future" - Irina Nechaeva (lecture in Russian).
9. "VR Lookroom platform. Blurring the border between online and offline shopping ”- Konrad Ziaja gave a lecture on behalf of, focusing on virtual reality in which the customer can see clothes.


The Professional Congress were hosted by a woman firecracker - Paulina Smaszcz-Kurzajewska!